Many dentists in The Hague speak English and other foreign languages. Emergency dental services are available in the evenings and weekends.

Twice a year you should go to the dentist for a check-up. The dentist will check to see if your teeth are healthy. If problems are visible (cavities for instance) the dentist will make an appointment with you to treat the problem. He will also advise you on keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

If you have pain or other problems between check-ups, then you should phone the same dentist and make an appointment for treatment.

Making an appointment

With most dentist's offices you can phone every workday between certain times to make an appointment. Ask your dentist what these times are. In case you are unable to reach anyone to ask this question, just listen carefully to the message on the answering machine.

Don’t forget to take your insurance card.

Dental care costs are dependent on your insurance policy, and additional coverage is usually available. Your policy will state what dental costs are covered. Children up to the age of 18 are fully covered for dental work under their parents' insurance policy, with the exception of special treatment like orthodontics (unless you have an additional coverage).

Dental emergencies in The Hague

If you have a dental emergency outside of office hours, phone your regular dentist and a message on the answering machine will tell you where to phone for treatment.

A number of dentists in The Hague and surroundings offer emergency dental services in the evenings and weekend. The Tandartsspoedgevallendienst Den Haag (for emergencies) will refer you to the dentist on duty.

Tandartsspoedgevallendienst Den Haag

Telephone: (070) 311 03 05

Alternatively you can contact Dental365 (The Hague's emergency dental clinic):


Children need to visit the dentist after their second birthday. You can take the whole family together in a single appointment. Children up to 19 years can also visit the juvenile dental service.

Which dentist?

You are free to choose your own dentist. A number of practices in The Hague have dentists who speak English and other foreign languages. Go to the website to search for a conveniently located dentist who is still accepting new patients. Of course the best way to select a new dentist is through a recommendation.

Like GPs, patients need to be registered with a dentist and dentists must also abide by a confidentiality agreement.

Published: 13 June 2016Modified: 3 July 2018