Work on tram line 1

In order to keep the city and the beach accessible for the growing number of travellers, the route of line 1 will be made suitable for new trams. Look at the planning for the project.

Line 1, Frankenslag stop
Line 1, Frankenslag stop

The new trams are more comfortable, can transport more passengers and are better accessible to wheelchairs. New tram stops will be built along the route to meet the accessibility standards so that everyone is able to travel independently. The new stops will also get modern digital signs with the departure times as well as new waiting areas.

The work on tram line 1 will be divided into the following subprojects:

Combining the work

The work on the stops and tram tracks will cause some degree of nuisance (noise, road closures, diversions). The municipality asks for your understanding and patience. Travellers will need to temporarily make use of other public transport lines or substitute transportation.

The municipality will try to carry out as much of the work as possible at the same time so that a street only needs to be broken open once. For example, the work will be combined with creating a cycle path or replacing sewer pipes.

Published: 4 July 2018Modified: 30 December 2019