Work on tram line 1

To make Line 1 ready for the new trams the municipality is modernising the rails and the tram stops. The work will be carried out in phases. The rails were already modernised on the Scheveningseweg and in the city centre between The Hague’s Central Station and the Kneuterdijk. There are also changes planned for other forms of traffic along the rest of the route. The work will begin at the end of August 2020.

Part of the route has already been modernised. Work will be carried out from the end of August 2020 until the spring of 2021 in:

Scheveningen city district

Centrum city district

Work on tram system

The trams will get new rails and the tram stops will be modernised. They will get digital signs with the departure times and adapted platforms so that everyone is able to travel independently by tram. The trams and stops will then be suitable for people in a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Work for other traffic

The municipality will adapt the area for other traffic while it is carrying out work on the tram system. Cyclists will get more space, wherever possible.

Additional activities

In addition the municipality will try to carry out as much other work as possible at the same time in the area. For example, the Willemsparkbrug will be modernised and sewer pipes will be replaced.

Planning and accessibility

The project will begin on 31 August 2020 and is expected to last until July 2021.

Published: 7 August 2020Modified: 2 September 2020