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Rules for using electric charging stations

Read which rules are in effect for using the electric charging stations in The Hague.

Parking at the charging post

You may not park a ‘normal’ car at a charging post. You will risk incurring a fine if you do so. This does not apply outside the times shown on the sign at the charging station.

The space at the charging post is intended as a parking spot for your car while it is being charged. Checks will be carried out to see if the charging cable is actually connected to the car. Cars should not be parked in the space for longer than is necessary. The municipality is currently examining how to approach this in the future.

Paid parking

Is the charging station located in a paid parking zone? Then you also have to pay for parking. See if you are eligible for a parking permit. Please note: The use of a public charging station does not give you the right to a parking permit.

Maximum parking duration

If the zone has a maximum parking duration, it also applies to cars which are being charged.

Sign at the charging station

If there is a sign with the text ‘10.00 – 22.00 h’ at the charging station, this means that the rules apply only between these times.

In the case of a charging post, this means that the charging space is reserved exclusively for cars being charged between 10.00 in the morning and 22.00 in the evening. Outside of these hours any car may park in this space regardless of whether it is being charged.

Signs with restrictive hours will be placed as soon as the parking density in a particular area exceeds 90%. This means that more than 90% of all the parking spaces are occupied at night. The municipality’s aim in using the restrictive time signs is to ensure that as many parking spaces as possible are available at night in areas where large numbers of cars are parked.


You may not pull a cable over the pavement between your home and the street in order to charge your car there. You may also not use a cable cover mat. The Municipality of The Hague is responsible for safety in public areas at all times.


Also see the Plan van aanpak laadinfrastructuur elektrische auto's (RIS 279666).

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Published: 1 July 2016Modified: 11 February 2020