Riouwstraat: paving work

The municipality is replacing the asphalt in the Riouwstraat with stone paving. During this project, the street will be completely dug up: from building facade to building facade. The work will start in March 2020 will last until mid-July 2021.

What is going to happen?

  • Removing the asphalt in the street.
  • Renewing the sewer connections and water drains.
  • Paving the road, parking spaces, pavements and kerbs with new cobblestones and bricks.
  • Bringing back speed bumps.
  • Adapting the turns at the side streets with space for bicycle stands.


The work will be carried out in phases. This will cause less inconvenience in the city. The part between the Timorstraat and Bankaplein is finished. The section of the Riouwstraat between the Bankaplein and Koninginnegracht will be repaved in 2021.

The planned phases for the work between the Bankaplein and Koninginnegracht are:

Phase Start End
1 beginning March end March 2021 between Bankaplein and Riouwstraat 154/125
2 end March end April 2021 between Riouwstraat 154/125 and Riouwstraat 172/Batjanstraat 14
3 end April beginning May 2021 between Riouwstraat 172/Batjanstraat 14 and Riouwstraat 176/151
4 beginning May beginning June 2021 between Riouwstraat 176/151 and Riouwstraat 200/175
5 mid-June mid-July 2021 between Riouwstraat 200/175 and Koninginnegracht
Phases of the work in the Riouwstraat.

The map shows the phases for the project.

The timing may change, for example if the weather is unsuitable for the work or if obstacles are found in the ground. Residents will be informed on time of any major changes.

Make space

The municipality is asking residents to:

  • park their car elsewhere
  • remove any obstacles such as bicycles and flower boxes
  • remove overhanging shrubs and hedges.


  • During the project a section of the street will be closed to through traffic. Homes and businesses will continue to be accessible to pedestrians via footway ramps. Bicycles and mopeds can pass along the work site. There are diversions for cars.


  • From the Bankaplein cars will be diverted via the Bankastraat and Atjehstraat

  • From the Koninginnegracht cars will be diverted via the Atjehstraat or Delistraat


    Residents will not be able to park in the section where the work is being carried out. Do you live in this section and do you have a disabled parking space or a parking place on your own property? Or do you have other questions about parking? Contact the area manager Chris Langerak, on tel. 06 - 48 17 58 73.

    Emergency services

    The ambulance service, fire brigade and police must also be able to access the neighbourhood during the work. If necessary, the municipality will place road plates.


    The municipality is doing everything within its power to work as safely as possible. Nevertheless work sites are dangerous places. Instruct children not to play in the area.

    Household waste

    The underground waste containers will be sealed off during the project. Signs in the street will inform residents where they can take their household waste. Use this temporary location when making a bulky waste appointment. All the rules about disposing of household waste can be found on the page Household rubbish.

    Information about the project

    Do you have any questions about the project? If so, contact the area manager Chris Langerak. Send an email to or call tel. 06 - 48 17 58 73.

    Published: 19 January 2021Modified: 19 January 2021