Work on tram line 16

The municipality is making the tracks and stops for tram line 16 suitable for the new low-floor trams. These new trams have a low entry floor. This means that people using wheelchairs, walkers or prams can easily board the tram. The work will take place from 14 February 2022 to February 2023.

What is going to happen

  • the trams will get new tracks
  • the bends will be adapted
  • new stops will be constructed

There are also plans to modify other tram lines. You can read more on the page Renewing tram lines.

Watch the video (YouTube channel of the municipality) 'Vernieuwing Tramlijn 16'. You see how the new trams will make travel easier and more comfortable.
Wide trams with a low floor
Wide trams with a low floor


The work will be done in stages. There are 3 different locations:


    There will be fewer parking spots available during the project. Residents can park in the streets aound the work area. The municipality and the contractor are looking for a solution for disabled parking spaces.


    The project will cause some disturbance. Residents and businesses along the work site will experience dust and noise. The street will also be dug open during the maintenance work. Traffic will face road closures and it will be busier than usual.

    The work will be carried out as much as possible during the day to limit any inconvenience. Should work need to be carried out at night, residents will be informed in advance.


    Pedestrians will be able to follow their normal route. Other traffic can make use of diversions. Entrances and parking spaces will remain accessible as far as possible. If these will temporarily not be available, residents will be informed on time.

    Businesses will remain accessible to pedestrians. Private parking spaces will remain available as far as possible. Rules will be made for loading and unloading goods. This may sometimes need to be done at a farther distance than normal.

    Toolkit for businesses

    The municipality has developed an information package for businesses and organisations. It contains files which they can use to inform their employees, clients and suppliers. These include diversion maps, visuals of how it will look and sample texts. Request a package by sending an email to You will then receive the files digitally.

    More information

    • Tram 16 will operate an alterate route during the project. Look at the current timetable for Tram 16 on the website of HTM. Or look at the HTM travel app or on the website.
    • The introduction of the new trams is being done in partnership with the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan area (MRDH) and HTM. For more information about the design go to the page Renewing tram lines.
    • Would you like to be kept informed? Download the ‘Werk in uitvoering’ app with up-to-date information on the project. The app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Search for ‘Tramlijn 16M' in the app.


    Do you have any questins about the project? Send an email to

    Published: 16 May 2022Modified: 16 May 2022