The Hague - Old elm trees to be transplanted in unique way


Old elm trees to be transplanted in unique way

Published: 2 November 2018Modified: 5 November 2018

The 4 nearly 80 year-old characteristic elm trees on the Sportlaan will be transplanted to the Haagse Beek ecozone on the opposite side of the road. The trees, which are now standing between De Savornin Lohmanlaan and the Oude Buizerdlaan, will be taken to their new spot without their root ball. This method of transplantation is unique in the Netherlands.

The transplant is needed due to the new design for the Kijkduin-Houtrust route. An access road is being created on the spot where the elm trees are now standing, and the sewer pipes are being replaced. The trees are being transplanted at the request of neighbourhood residents and because the old trees are special.

Spot in the neighbourhood

Because the trees are so big, it is difficult to transport them. This is why a new spot was chosen in the neighbourhood and also because the elm trees are characteristic for the Sportlaan. In addition, it is better for the trees to be transplanted in the immediate area where the conditions such as the sea breeze, direction of the wind, earth and groundwater table are the same.

Unique method

The elm trees cannot be transplanted the traditionally way, with their root ball, because the roots have fused with the underground cables and pipes. The trees will therefore be transplanted without the earth between the roots. This way the roots are not as heavy. Before the procedure the earth will be sucked away carefully from between the roots. One of the largest mobile cranes in the Netherlands will bring the trees to the opposite side. This is the first time this method of transplantation is being used on such big trees. The Nationale Bomenbank will do this for the first time on the Sportlaan.

Start of work

The preparatory work begins on Monday, 5 November. The existing trees now standing in the spots where the elm trees will be planted will be cut down. The elm trees will be transplanted starting on 19 November. This work will last approximately 2 weeks.

New design for Haagse Beek

The Haagse Beek ecozone will get a new design next year. The creek will be widened and a larger variety of plant species will be planted. Because of overdue maintenance and a crowded environment for growth, there are few trees at this spot which will remain good in the future. In advance of the new design, these trees will now be cut down to make room for the elm trees.

Watch the transplant

The municipality will chart the progress of the transplant on social media. Watch it on or

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The trees will be transplanted carefully.
The trees will be transplanted carefully.