Accessibility during the roadworks on the Kijkduin-Houtrust route

The roadworks on the Kijkduin-Houtrust route will cause traffic disruptions and congestion. The municipality will take measures to ensure that the city remains accessible. For example, electronic road signs which indicate the fastest route. The area will remain accessible by public transportation.

Traffic disruptions

The roadworks will lead to traffic congestion. Residents in the immediate vicinity will experience road closures and higher volumes of traffic. There will be additional traffic delays in other parts of The Hague as well.

Some already busy roads in The Hague will become even busier, for example the Laan van Meerdervoort, the Goudenregenstraat, the Escamplaan and the De Savornin Lohmanlaan.

Be prepared before starting your journey. Follow the diversion routes on the electronic road signs. These are the fastest routes. The extra travel time can go up to half an hour. You are advised to take your bicycle as much as you can to avoid rush hour traffic.

The road will be ready for use again at the end of April 2019. Read more about the roadworks under Planning for Kijkduin-Houtrust route roadworks.

Measures to keep the traffic flowing

The municipality is taking a number of measures to make sure that the traffic flows.

  • Electronic road signs will lead traffic around The Hague on the peripheral roads.
  • Traffic lights at major intersections will be set to allow through traffic to flow as quickly as possible. Traffic wardens will be deployed for this purpose.
  • Short cuts through neighbourhoods will be firmly discouraged. A number of roads will be closed off and traffic will be led around neighbourhoods.
  • Tow trucks will stand ready to clear the road as quickly as possible in case of breakdowns or accidents.
  • Pedestrians, mopeds and cyclists will not be greatly affected by the roadworks. They will be able to continue to use the intersections and will be diverted where necessary.

      Public transport

      The area will remain accessible by public transport. Buses will be re-routed during the roadworks. Some bus stops will not be in use and will be replaced by temporary stops at other locations. Check the changed bus routes and times on

      Diversion routes and temporary stops for Bus 23 and 24
      Diversion routes and temporary stops for Bus 23 and 24
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        Published: 22 March 2018Modified: 23 March 2018