The Hague - Scheveningseweg: renewing the tracks of Tram 1

Scheveningseweg: renewing the tracks of Tram 1

The municipality and the HTM public transport company will replace the tracks of Tram 1 on the Scheveningseweg between 27 August 2018 and March 2019. Read what is going to happen.

The foundations of the track have sunk and need to be replaced. The route of line 1 will also be made suitable for new trams in order to keep the city and the beach accessible for the growing number of travellers. New tram stops will be built to meet the accessibility standards so that everyone is able to travel independently with the tram. The new stops will also get modern digital signs with the departure times as well as new waiting areas. In addition the road surface of the Scheveningseweg will be renewed between the Javastraat and Professor B.M. Teldersweg.

Progress report on project

The Scheveningseweg project is nearly ready. As of 11 February Tram 1 will resume its regular route. Thereafter the contractor will work until the end of March to:

  • replant trees
  • pave the cycle path
  • pave the road

As of 29 March the road will again be completely accessible to all traffic and all the work will be completed.

Traffic diversions

During the project the Scheveningseweg will be closed and will only be accessible to local traffic for homes and offices. Vehicular traffic to Scheveningen harbour will be re-routed via the Statenlaan and Plesmanweg. Traffic in the direction of the city centre can drive via de Professor B.M. Teldersweg and the Raamweg. See the diversion route map or follow the yellow signs along the road. The cycle paths and foot paths along the Scheveningseweg will remain accessible during the entire project. You will sometimes be diverted only at the intersections.

Road closure and diversion for Scheveningseweg from Monday, 4 February to Friday, 1 March
Road closure and diversion for Scheveningseweg from Monday, 4 February to Friday, 1 March

A. The Scheveningseweg is closed between the Helmstraat and the Teldersweg in the direction of Scheveningen. The road is open in the direction of the city centre. The intersection with the Frankenslag and Kanaalweg is open.

B. The intersection with the Ary van der Spuyweg is closed from 25 February to 8 March. This road will then be paved.

Substitute transportation

Due to construction work on the Scheveningseweg, the route of Tram 1 has been shortened. The tram operates from its starting point at Delft Tanthof via Hollands Spoor Station to the city centre of The Hague. After the Centrum stop, the tram turns left to the Gravenstraat stop. This is temporarily the starting and end point of Tram 1. Tram 1 no longer operates between the Kneuterdijk stop and its usual end stop: Scheveningen Noorderstrand.

  • HTM is using substitute buses during this project. Bus 31 runs from Central Station (bus platform) to the Vredespaleis stop. This bus runs only from Monday to Friday during the morning and evening peak hours. Bus 61 runs from Central Station (bus platform) to the end stop at Scheveningen Noorderstrand. This bus runs all day every day of the week.
  • Transfer from the tram to the bus at the Centrum stop.
  • Allow for extra travel time and an extra transfer. For departure times, see

Planting and replanting trees

Over the coming period the new trees will be planted and existing trees will be replanted. A total of 164 new trees will be planted on the Scheveningseweg. These will be planted on both sides along the tram trails. In order to allow these trees to grow, conditions for these new trees will be made optimal. There will be extra nourishing earth with many fertilisers and extra tubes for injecting fertiliser solution into the root zone.

The healthy trees will be saved as far as possible. There are 30 linden trees which are healthy enough to be moved. In order to do this a number of necessary preparations were taken in the spring and the trees were treated. Over the coming period the 30 linden trees will be transplanted along the tram rails on the Scheveningseweg.

Improving the cycle paths

The municipality would like more of its residents to start cycling. This is why the municipality is investing in safe and comfortable bike routes. The Scheveningseweg is an important and often used bike route and will get a paved cycle path. Work will begin in December 2018 and will be ready at the beginning of 2019. As a result the Scheveningseweg will temporarily become a 1-way street between the Teldersweg and the Duinstraat at the beginning of 2019 and will be accessible only from Scheveningen in the direction of the centre.

Work on sewer pipes

From the end of October 2018 to mid-2019 the sewer pipes will be replaced in the Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan and in the Frankenslag between the Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan and Scheveningseweg. The municipality understands that the inconvenience caused by simultaneous road works can lead to irritation. The primary reason the activities are being carried out at the same time is so that Bus 21 only has to operate a partially different route 1 time. Traffic studies have demonstrated that despite carrying out the activities simultaneously there are still enough alternative routes to allow a good flow of traffic and to keep the neighbourhood accessible. Look for more information (in Dutch) under Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan en deel Frankenslag: nieuwe riolering.

Working times

During the entire project work will be carried out from Monday to Saturday between 7.00 and 22.00 hrs. The municipality will do everything it can to limit any noise. It will especially pay strict attention to noise levels after 19.00 hrs.


If you have questions, send an email to You can also contact the area manager on tel. (070) 353 86 86 and after office hours on tel. 06 - 43 84 37 28.

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Published: 30 July 2018Modified: 4 February 2019