Port Authority and Scheveningen Traffic Control Centre

The Port Authority of the Municipality of The Hague is responsible for the Scheveningen harbour. Its employees work 24 hours a day to ensure the smooth and safe passage of maritime traffic and the management, maintenance and use of the harbour and the harbour area.

The Port Authority:

  • extends permits and contracts
  • supports events and monitors their safe execution
  • supplies fresh drinking water
  • connects small vessels to shore power.

Shore power is a sustainable form of power that avoids the emission of harmful substances and noise pollution in the area.

Maritime traffic management

The Traffic Control Centre manages all shipping movements in and out of the harbour. It also designates berths for large seagoing vessels that anchor there for a short or longer period of time (anchorage).
Further, it is responsible for the monitoring and servicing of the Hubertus Tunnel, the retractable bollards in The Hague and the servicing of the city’s 3 bridges: the Trekvliet, Binckhorst and Laak bridges.

Signalling is done automatically and through the use of camera surveillance. In case of problems, the Traffic Control Centre staff take action such as closing off a lane in a tunnel and warning the emergency services. The Traffic Control Centre is available 24 hours a day.

Berths in Scheveningen harbour

Are you interested in a berth in Scheveningen harbour? On weekdays the Port Authority has berths available on call. There are also plenty of suppliers in the immediate area.

The facilities:

  • short stay berths (less than 1 day)
  • shore power
  • waste disposal
  • drinking water
  • scuba diving
  • hospitality facilities within 500 metres

More information

Please contact the Municipal Port Authority, Scheveningen Traffic Control Centre
Mariphone: VHF 21
Telephone: (070) 352 77 21 
Email: vkc.scheveningen@denhaag.nl

Boat in Scheveningen harbour

Address and contact details

Port Authority and Traffic Control Centre

Visafslagweg 1
2583 DM The Hague
Telephone: (070) 352 77 01 (Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00 hrs.)
Telephone: (070) 352 77 21 (other days/hours)
Email: havenbedrijf@denhaag.nl

Scheveningen Traffic Control Centre (maritime)

Mariphone: VHF 21
Telephone: +31 (70) 352 77 21
Email: vkc.scheveningen@denhaag.nl

Hubertustunnel, Binckhorstbrug, Trekvlietbrug, Laakbrug and retractable bollards service

Telephone tunnels: (070) 353 99 43
Telephone bridges: (070) 353 99 46
Telephone pollers: (070) 353 99 46 
E-mail: operators@denhaag.nl

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