Getting to Scheveningen with a disability

People with a disability can easily get to Scheveningen. A total of 11 disabled parking spots can be found on the Scheveningen boulevard. You can rent a beach wheelchair from Biesieklette.

Read how you can get to Scheveningen quickly or download the map ‘Getting to Scheveningen'.

Public transportation

Unfortunately the trams to Scheveningen are not yet accessible to people with a physical handicap. Trams 9 and 11 have a low-floor design. You can get to Scheveningen on Bus 22 and 23.

All of the wheelchair adapted stops and disabled parking spots can be found at

Beach wheelchairs

The Biesieklette bicycle parking facilities on the Strandweg rent out (electric) beach wheelchairs for a ride on the beach. Or borrow the ScoutCrawler. You can use your own wheelchair in this mobility aid with caterpillar tracks.

More information, opening hours, reservations and prices:

Also see Wheelchairs on the beach

Taxi and regional taxi

The boulevard has a number of spots where the (regio) taxi can drop you off:

  • at the terminus loop for the bus at the end of the Scheveningseslag.
  • at the terminus loop of Tram 11 and by the designated disabled parking spots.
  • at the corner of the Zeekant and the Schuitenweg.

Read more or reserve AV 070.

'Getting to Scheveningen' map

You can download the explanation and map below as a PDF.

Snel en slim naar Scheveningen (PDF, 1,9 MB)

Published: 23 October 2017Modified: 31 July 2019