Koningstunnel: renovations ready earlier

Since 1 March 2019 work is being carried out to renew the Koningstunnel. The work is proceeding so well that the Koningstunnel will reopen to traffic on Monday, 26 August.

One of the entrances and exits to the Koningstunnel

The Koningstunnel, which was completed in 2000, was due for a major overhaul after more than 18 years of daily use. The tunnel needed to be updated to comply with the new requirements for tunnel safety.

Installations in and around the tunnel

In order to ensure that the Koningstunnel meets the new safety requirements for tunnels, the existing installations were completely renewed and expanded. Installations on the roads leading to the Koningstunnel were also renewed and placed. There was a total of more than 40 different types of installations, such as lighting, ventilation, traffic detection, cameras, emergency telephones and pumps for dirty water. More installations are required than before. Because the installations are operated locally, more space was needed in the service building belonging to the Koningstunnel. The building, located under the Prins Bernhardviaduct, was therefore enlarged in October 2018.


    The planning for the renovation project is as follows:          

    • October 2018 to 26 August 2019:

      • renovation and expansion of the service building under the Prins Bernhardviaduct
      • renewal of the building's interior and testing of the installations
    • 1 March to 26 August 2019:

      • renovation of the Koningstunnel


    Work on the service building will be carried out as much as possible during the week, between 7.00 and 17.00 hrs. The building fences will remain until the work on the interior and exterior of the service building is ready. Nuisance caused by noise or light unfortunately cannot be entirely prevented during these activities.


    The work on the service building will not have any impact on driving to the area. The parking spaces under the Prins Bernhardviaduct will not be available from Monday to Friday. The parking spaces will be available in the weekend. Pay attention and make sure there is no ban on parking in effect. This will be indicated by signs.

    The Koningstunnel will be closed to traffic while work is being carried out.

    Traffic measures

    The Koningstunnel will be completely closed to traffic. This way the work can be carried out as quickly and safely as possible. The closure will have a big impact on traffic. Each day 20,000 cars, trucks and buses drive through the Koningstunnel. To ensure that they can still reach their destination, a number of diversion routes will be used. Everything will be done to inform motorists well. In order to ensure that traffic will keep moving, the following measures will be taken:

    • Different diversion routes will be used.
    • The municipality will use electronic road signs to indicate the quickest route when traffic is heavy.
    • Traffic wardens will be employed when needed.
    • Several intersections on the diversion routes will temporarily be adapted.
    • A tow truck will be on standby to clear the road as quickly as possible in case of car trouble or accidents on the diversion routes.
    • To prevent traffic from looking for a short cut through the Zwarteweg and Oranjebuitensingel, these roads will be closed from the Zwartebrug. This part of the neighbourhood will, however, remain accessible to local traffic, including traffic driving to the parking garages.
    • Local traffic driving in the direction of the Rivierenbuurt will be diverted via the Prins Bernhardviaduct, Schedeldoekshaven and Ammunitiehaven.
    • Traffic lights will be set differently in order to accommodate a different flow of traffic.
    • In addition to yellow signs, the municipality will use electronic signs to lead traffic coming from and driving to Scheveningen via N14 / S200.
    Diversion routes for the Koningstunnel (click to enlarge)
    Diversion routes for the Koningstunnel (click to enlarge)
    Accessibility of Zwarteweg and Oranjebuitensingel parking garages
    Accessibility of Zwarteweg and Oranjebuitensingel parking garages

    Traffic disruptions

    Closing the Koningstunnel will lead to many traffic disruptions. Motorists who usually drive through the tunnel should be prepared for diversions, extra traffic and additional time for their journey. Due to different road works in the city, it will also be busier in other spots in the city.

    Vehicular traffic

    Vehicular traffic should anticipate approximately 10 to 30 minutes of additional travel time during peak hours. The additional travel time will be limited outside of rush hour.


    Bus 20 and 29 normally drive through the Koningstunnel. During the project both buses will operate an alternate route via the Rijnstraat, Bezuidenhoutseweg and Prinsessegracht (and the other way around). All of the bus stops will remain accessible.


    The cycle paths will remain accessible. However, the vehicular traffic and city buses will make it busier on the Prinsessegracht and Bezuidenhoutseweg. Traffic wardens will direct the traffic there during busy periods. Sometimes cyclists might have to stop to give way to the bus. This will not be an issue for cyclists on the Laan van Reagan en Gorbatsjov (the green area across from the Central Station).

    Prepare in advance

    Anticipate additional travel time from 1 March to 26 August 2019. Try to avoid driving there during peak hours or use public transportation or your bicycle. The municipality will use electronic road signs to indicate the fastest route at that moment.

    Information about the renovation of the Koningstunnel (in Dutch) (PDF, 6,8 MB)

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        Koningstunnel coalition for employers

        Carpooling will be available while the Koningstunnel is closed. You can use this as alternative transportation for your employees and visitors. Would you like to know what kind of carpooling or alternative transportation is most convenient? Bereikbaar Haaglanden en Rijnland can advise you on this. For more information send an email to mobiliteitsmakelaar@vno-ncwwest.nl or go to www.koningstunnelcoalitie.nl.


        Do you have questions about the Koningstunnel renovation project. Contact the project team by sending an email to koningstunnel@denhaag.nl.

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          Published: 22 January 2019Modified: 9 July 2019