Centrumring in The Hague

You can easily get downtown in The Hague on public transportation or with your car. You can get to the city centre in no time from the city’s 2 train stations: Central Station and Hollands Spoor. From the motorway you can easily drive to The Hague’s city centre after going through only 2 sets of traffic lights. Follow the signs for Centrumring.

This route bypasses the car-free city centre and takes you to the closest parking garages where parking spaces are still available. You can choose to follow 1 of 4 parking routes from the Centrumring:

  • P-route Centrum-Noord
  • Centrum-Zuid
  • Centrum-West
  • Centraal Station

Parking routes

Look for more information about the routes, the number of parking garages in the downtown area and the locations of the garages under Parking routes to The Hague city centre.

Map of the Centrumring 

Kaart centrumring Den Haag

Published: 23 October 2017Modified: 23 October 2017