Free and guarded bike parking in The Hague

Would you like to park your bike safely? Park it at 1 of the Biesieklette bicycle parking facilities. They are free of charge and guarded. Bicycles parked on the street are often in the way and can be annoying. Park your bicycle safely in a Biesieklette bicycle parking facility.

Nearly all of the Biesieklettes opened again as of 1 May 2020 with their regular hours of operation. Due to the coronavirus measures several bicycle parking facilities are closing earlier than usual. Kijkduin is still closed. Look at the website of Biesieklette for more information.

Guarded bicycle facilities

Biesieklette facilities

View all of the free and guarded bicycle facilities in The Hague on the website of Biesieklette.

The 1st day it is free to park your bicycle. Would you like to park it for a longer period of time? Then you need to pay. You pay € 0.50 for the 2nd day. Bike parking costs € 3 per day for the 3rd and subsequent days.

You will also need to pay to park motorbikes/mopeds and motorcycles.

Parking facility at KJ-plein

At The Hague's Central Station you can park your bicycle in the huge new underground parking facility under the KJ-plein. The 1st day it is free to park your bicycle. After that you pay € 1.25 per day. You can find more information on the website of NS.

Unguarded bicycle facilities in the centre

You can also park your bicycle for free in an unguarded facility by chaining it to a bike mount. The unguarded bicycle facilities in the downtown area are located at:

  • Gedempte Burgwal and Wagenstraat
  • Rijnstraat (multiple-story building), Monday to Sunday from 7.00 to 19.00 hrs. Motorbikes and motorcycles are not permitted.

    Report an abandoned bicycle

    Bikes left standing on the street can become a nuisance. You can report an abandoned bicycle to the municipality. It will take steps to clear the bicycle away.

    Published: 24 August 2016Modified: 4 May 2021