Enforcement of abandoned and wrongly parked bikes in downtown area

The Hague is making the city centre a more attractive shopping, entertainment and residential area. The streets are continuously being tidied up. In part of the downtown area bicycles are therefore not allowed to be left standing in a rack or designated spot for longer than 7 days.

Surveillance officers track down bicycles which are left standing in a rack or designated spot for longer than 7 days. These bicycles will get a label and will be registered and photographed. If the bike is still there after 3 days, employees of the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden will remove the bicycle. The owner can pick up the bicycle at the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden within 2 weeks by paying the removal fees of € 25. A pilot project will be held from September to November 2019. Bicycles which have been removed will be delivered to the owner at home for an additional charge of € 60. See Bicycle missing? Go to the bicycle depot for the conditions on getting your bicycle back.

Grote Marktstraat and surroundings

The rule for the Grote Marktstraat and surroundings is that bicycles are not allowed to be left standing outside a rack or designated spot. Wrongly parked bicycles will first get a warning label. Afterwards they will be removed and taken to the facility in the Kranestraat. Owners can pick up their bikes there on the same day for free. The following morning the bikes will go to the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden.

Neighbourhood parking facilities

Are you going on holiday and would you like to park your bicycle for a longer period? Do not leave your bicycle on the street but instead park in a neighbourhood parking facility. There is a private neighbourhood parking facility at Torenstraat 126 where you can rent a spot for a fixed amount per year. Look at www.buurtstallingdenhaag.nl for more information. The bicycle parking facilities at Driehoekjes and the Kranestraat are also neighbourhood facilities where you can rent a parking spot. You can pick up your bicycle at all times of the day and night at a neighbourhood facility.

Resident’s pass

You can buy a resident’s pass for the parking facilities at the Grote Markt, Kranestraat, Raamstraat and Nobelstraat. You can park and pick up the bike during the facility's hours of operation. Look at www.biesieklette.nl for more information.

For businesses

Do you have a business? Ask your employees to place their bicycles and scooters in a rack, designated spot or bicycle parking facility. Particularly around large shops there are many bicycles and scooters parked on the street in the early morning. These cannot belong to shoppers.

What can I do myself?

  • Download the Biesieklette app for the opening hours of the bicycle parking facilities.

  • Do you have questions about the bicycle parking facilities? Call the manager of the facilities on tel. (070) 394 22 11.

  • Report abandoned bicycles via the page Report an abandoned bicycle or the Buiten Beter app.

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        Published: 21 December 2018Modified: 24 August 2020