Bicycle missing? Go to the bicycle depot

Are you having trouble finding your bike where you last left it? It is possible that your bicycle was removed by the municipality and taken to the Kranestraat (around the Grote Marktstraat) or the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden. You can pick the bike up there.

Bicycles in a designated parking spot
Bicycles in a designated parking spot

Around the Grote Marktstraat

Did you leave your bicycle standing outside a rack, designated spot or official bicycle lock-up facility around the Grote Marktstraat and is it gone? Then your bicycle could have been taken to the Kranestraat (side street of the Amsterdamse Veerkade). You can pick your bike up there the same day without any extra charges. The following morning the municipality will take the bike to the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden. As of the end of 2016 all bicycles in and around the Grote Markstraat have to be placed in a rack, designated spot or official bicycle lock-up facility. Bicycles left standing outside of these official parking facilities will be removed.

Other areas

If the municipality has removed your bicycle, it will be taken to the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden at Junostraat 24 (Binckhorst). You can check the website to see whether your bicycle is in the depot. You can also stop by or call tel. (070) 752 88 00 (check the opening hours on the website). If your bicycle is in the depot, you can come and collect it. Do not wait too long because the Bicycle Depot keeps bicycles for only a limited amount of time (a maximum of 6 weeks depending on the condition of the bike).

Removing bicycles

A bicycle will be removed if it:

  • is dilapidated and can no longer be used (a bicycle wreck).
  • has been parked wrongly or for too long of a time (abandoned) in certain areas.
  • has been parked dangerously. For example, at a crossing for visually-impaired pedestrians, in front of an emergency exit or next to a fire hydrant. These bicycles will be removed immediately. This rule applies throughout the entire city.

First a warning

Your bicycle will never be removed without a warning. It will first get a label which states that it will be removed unless it is moved before a certain date or time. The amount of time you get to move your bicycle depends on where the bicycle is standing and the situation. More information can be found (in Dutch) under Fietslabels. Municipal employees who remove bicycles are able to show their identification. If you see somebody about to remove your bicycle, always ask him to identify himself.


Bring the following documents when going to collect your bike:

  • your bicycle's registration number in the computer system of the bicycle depot
  • a valid form of identification
  • proof of ownership: the bill of purchase, an insurance policy or a key to the bicycle
  • your bank pass or credit card

You will have to pay a fee for the removal costs. The amount you need to pay is printed on the bicycle label. It is only possible to pay with a bank pass at the Bicycle Depot.

Bicycle stolen? Report it!

If your bicycle is gone but has not been taken to the depot, then it was not removed by the municipality. It has probably been stolen. Always report this to the police! You can file a report online via The police are actively working to spot stolen bicycles. If the police find a stolen bicycle, it will also be taken to the Bicycle Depot Haaglanden.

Parking facilities

It is of course better to prevent your bicycle from being removed. Place it free of charge in 1 of the guarded bicycle parking facilities. You can also look up the parking facilities on the map.

Bicycle parking facilities
Bicycle parking facilities

Published: 13 March 2017Modified: 15 January 2018