28 Nov

Thanksgiving Day Service in Pieterskerk

Each year Overseas Americans Remember (OAR) organises a non-denominational Thanksgiving Day Service in the historic Pieterskerk in Leiden. This year’s service will be held on Thursday, 28 November starting at 11.00 hrs.

The area surrounding the Pieterskerk is where the Pilgrims lived and worked for 11 years from 1609 to 1620. From Leiden, they talked about a new continent that was ‘fit for habitation’. Many of the Pilgrims who landed on the site of Plymouth in the year 1620 knew Leiden. In fact, descendants of Moses Fletcher, a signer of the Mayflower Compact, still live and work there. They are the only non-American members of the Mayflower Society.

The Service

The Thanksgiving Day Service lasts approximately 1 hour. There will be a Catholic priest, Protestant ministers, a rabbi and a cantor. Dutch friends and friends from all nations and of all faiths are welcome. This is a service for everyone.

Music by American singers and the hymns ‘Let Us Break Bread’, ‘God Bless America’ and ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’ will be performed.

Mayor Henri Lenferink of Leiden will welcome you and United States Embassy representative will share excerpts from the President's annual Thanksgiving Day Proclamation. The Scouts and 'The Little Pilgrims' will also play an integral part of the service.

Short reception

After the service, people gather briefly for coffee and cookies before they go home and cook. We say that being in Leiden on Thanksgiving is like ‘being home’ or more correctly, ‘the home of our nation’s beginnings’.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Thanksgiving Day Service and contribute cookies to the reception. Please carpool to Leiden or use public transportation as parking is limited. Click here for the website of the Pieterskerk in Leiden.

More info

The Thanksgiving Day Service begins at 11.00 hrs. on Thursday, 28 November in the Pieterskerk (Kloksteeg 16) in Leiden. The doors open at 10.00 hrs.

The Thanksgiving Day Service is sponsored by Overseas Americans Remember (OAR). For further information send an email to oarinnl@yahoo.com; tel. 070 – 511 84 09.