30 Aug

Suriname Festival

Come and get a taste of Surinamese food and culture during the 6th edition of the free Suriname festival on 30 & 31 August & 1 September in Wijkpark Transvaal.

Suriname, a melting pot of cultures, ethnic groups and religions, is known in the world as an example of how a multicultural society should function. The mosque and synagogue are located next to each other in the capital of Paramaribo, with large Hindu temples and a wooden cathedral close by. Walking through the historic downtown of Paramaribo we see how the Surinamese Maroons and Creoles, East Indians, Javanese and many other ethnic groups taste each other’s cuisines, often while enjoying a cold Parbo (beer brewed in Suriname). The buses ride around blaring Surinamese music, giving the city a festive atmosphere.

Surinamese feeling in The Hague

This feeling will be transported to The Hague for the free 3-day outdoor Suriname Festival. You can enjoy Surinamese music on a large stage performed by top artists from the Netherlands and Suriname. Surinamese food will be in abundance with bami, nasi, pom, pastei, roti, bara and much more while you enjoy an ice cold Parbo beer.

For the children there will be a kids playground while the adults can soak up the great entertainment, including stand-up comedy, and artwork. The goal of the festival is for people of all backgrounds to learn about Surinamese culture so come and experience Suriname!

More info

The Suriname Festival takes place from 15.00 to 22.00 hrs. on Friday, 30 August, 12.00 to 22.00 hrs. on Saturday, 31 August and 12.00 to 21.00 hrs. on Sunday, 1 September in Wijkpark Transvaal (Schalk Burgerplein 2) in The Hague.

Admission is free of charge.

More information can be found at surinamefestival.com.