The Hague - Noordeinde Nocturne


30 Mar

Noordeinde Nocturne

‘Noordeinde Nocturne’ on Saturday, 30 March stands for a cultural spectacle in The Hague lasting until deep in the night. A romantic evening filled with beautiful music, art, fashion and food.

You are invited to this special evening when Noordeinde will be festively illuminated by torches. You will be swept away by the musical sounds produced by a variety of musicians while enjoying a refreshing glass of wine.

Musical treats

The evening begins at 17.00 hrs. when the The Hague Youth Symphony Orchestra performs a lively opening concert in the Waalse Kerk. Throughout the evening you can enjoy performances by different ensembles made up of members from the Residentie Orkest and students from the Royal Conservatoire. They will perform classical and jazz music at various locations on Noordeinde.

The Residentie Orkest will close the evening with a concert in the Waalse Kerk (Noordeinde 23/25) beginning at 22.00 hrs.

More information about the Residentie Orkest at

More information

Noordeinde Nocture begins at 17.00 hrs. and lasts until midnight with the participating art galleries and design stores staying open until 22.00 hrs. All of the concerts are free of charge.

The restaurants will be serving a special menu during Noordeinde Nocturne.

The complete programme for Noordeinde Nocturne can be found at the participating galleries and on the Facebook page of the event.