18 Aug

Historic Festival Scheveningen

On Saturday, 18 August the annual Historic Festival Scheveningen in the old village of Scheveningen will take you back in time from the 18th century up to 1980.

Various activities include tableaux vivants (living pictures), where actors demonstrate old crafts or recall a historic tale of yesteryear. Volunteers will parade around the festival area in traditional and historic clothing, including period costumes, a Charleston dress or bell-bottom jeans. 


After the 2013 re-enactment of the beach landing of William of Orange in 1813, participants expressed an interest in wearing their traditional (homemade) costumes more often and not to wait until the next commemoration in 25 years. Residents of Scheveningen said they again felt proud of their village and their origins. A group of people joined forces to organise a yearly festival. 


The Historic Festival Scheveningen takes place in and around the Keizerstraat, Scheveningen's oldest and most historic shopping street. The former fishermen's dwellings in and around this cosy street create plenty of charm. The centre point of Scheveningen village is the Old Church at the beginning of the Keizerstraat, which dates from the 15th century. Close  to the church you will find the famous statue of the Scheveningen fisherman's wife on the boulevard. 

More info 

The free Historic Festival Scheveningen takes place from 11.00 to 17.00 hrs. on Saturday, 18 August in and around the Keizerstraat.

More information can be found at historischfestivalscheveningen.nl and on the Facebook page of the event.