26 Jan

Comedy ‘Tourist Guide to Warsaw’

The comedy ‘Tourist Guide to Warsaw’ by the Israeli playwright Hillel Mittelpunkt will be performed at the Zeeheldentheater on Sunday, 26 January. Although the play is about loaded subjects like the war and the Holocaust, you are guaranteed to laugh.

Tourist Guide to Warsaw is a dark comedy which addresses the issue of the first- and second-generation Holocaust survivors and their claims regarding possessions stolen during the Second World War.

With a cast of characters including your typical nightmare of a Polish Jewish mother, a man who survived a childhood dominated by the Shoah and his mother, a neurotic over-40 still single librarian who drives you crazy, the sly shyster lawyer and the irresistible artist model.

Hebrew with English surtitles

The play will be performed in Hebrew with English surtitles. Because it is a very funny and physical play, you really do not have to be able to understand it word for word to be able to appreciate the humour.

Stichting Rainbow is bringing the play to the Netherlands to introduce audiences to top class Israeli culture and to combat anti-Semitism.

More info

Tourist Guide to Warsaw will be performed at 20.15 hrs. on Sunday, 26 January in the Zeeheldentheater (Trompstraat 342) in The Hague.

Early bird tickets cost € 13 and tickets at the box office cost € 20. Order your tickets on www.stichting-rainbow.nl

More information about the performance can be found at www.stichting-rainbow.nl