Working during your study

Usually you will have sufficient time during your studies to earn some extra money. Regardless of whether you actually need the money, it’s always wise to work while you study. You'll gain valuable work experience and you'll meet lots of people, which may be useful during and after your study.

Many students find a part-time job doing catering, babysitting or working in a call centre or a shop. You can also try to look for a job more in line with your study as this may be useful for the future. The Hague has a number of specialised student temp agencies. Since most student job websites are in Dutch, it's best to drop by a temp agency in person to get registered.

Here are a few websites to get you started:

The Hague offers plenty of great jobs, not just for the locals but for international students as well. If you are planning to work in the Netherlands, it is wise to check whether you meet the requirements.  Some students, depending on their country of origin, are only allowed to work a maximum of 10 hours per week. The website Study in Holland has more information on working while studying.

Health insurance

Everybody in the Netherlands must have insurance for medical expenses.

How much will you earn?

Once you have found a job, you need to agree on your salary. The Netherlands has determined minimum wages depending on the employee's age. If you are between 15 and 23 years, you will receive at least the minimum wage for youth. You can find the exact amounts on the Dutch government website under the theme 'Working conditions'. You can also download the brochure The minimum wage, everyone is entitled to it.

Your new employer might have a collective labour agreement, which is called the CAO in the Netherlands. A CAO contains agreements about salaries and working hours. It also helps you to verify your salary range. Of course, it’s also possible to agree upon a salary with your new supervisor.

Earning money on top of a student grant

Students to whom the loan system applies are allowed to earn an unlimited amount of additional income. If you still fall within the old student finance system, an additional earnings threshold applies to you. Visit the website of DUO to see which situation applies to you.

Paying taxes

In some cases, international students have to pay taxes. Whether or not this applies to you depends on the agreements made between your country of origin and the Netherlands. Please consult your tax department for more information.

Published: 4 April 2017Modified: 24 July 2018