Netherlands Institute of International Relations

The Netherlands Institute of International Relations 'Clingendael' is a platform whose aim is to enhance knowledge and insight in international relations.

Netherlands Institute of International Relations

Clingendael acts as a think tank as well as a diplomatic academy. The Institute provides information, conducts research and develops training programmes for a large number of audiences, including Dutch diplomats and civil servants as well as representatives of foreign ministries, staff of the armed forces and employees of NGOs and the private sector. Clingendael also provides information to the media and general public.

Research and Academy

As of 2012 the Institute is organised into two departments: Clingendael Research and Clingendael Academy. The activities of Clingendael Research focus on Europe, security and conflict issues, diplomacy and the changing geopolitical landscape, with particular attention on Asia and the Middle East.

The Conflict Research Unit (CRU) conducts research on the nexus between security and development with a special focus on integrated / comprehensive approaches to conflict prevention, stabilisation and reconstruction in fragile and conflict-affected situations. Clingendael Asia Forum is an online platform for commentaries on international relations in, or relating to, Asia.

Clingendael Academy is responsible for all courses and training programmes for various target groups, both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. It offers courses on Europe and the European Union, international security and crisis management, and international negotiations.

In cooperation with Leiden University, Clingendael offers a master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.

Address & contact

Netherlands Institute of International Relations, ‘Clingendael’
Clingendael 7
P.O. Box 93080
2509 AB The Hague

Telephone: (070) 324 53 84

Published: 11 April 2017Modified: 16 May 2017