Higher education in The Hague

Here you'll find information on higher education offered in the Netherlands, and specifically in The Hague.

  • research universities (WO, universiteiten)
  • universities of applied sciences (HBO, hogescholen)
  • postgraduate international education

      The higher education system in the Netherlands is based on a three-cycle degree system, consisting of a bachelor's degree, master's degree and PhD. The Netherlands has a binary system of higher education, which means there are two types of programmes:

      • research-oriented education (wetenschappelijk onderwijs, WO), traditionally offered by research universities
      • professional higher education (hoger beroepsonderwijs, HBO), traditionally offered by universities of applied sciences

        Below is a selection of higher educational programmes found in The Hague region.

        • Vocational education

          Vocational education at the secondary level (MBO) encourages the social participation of students through vocational training.

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        Published: 21 June 2016Modified: 22 May 2019