Accommodation for students

Usually the educational institute will furnish you with information about student housing prior to your arrival. A number of the schools of higher education also have bulletin boards where advertisements for rooms to let are posted. It is also an idea to peruse the bulletin boards at the neighbourhood supermarkets.

Moving day
Moving day

For information about all-inclusive, sometimes furnished student housing, check out the following websites:

You could also try to do a search on the Dutch classified advertising website

Anti-squatting properties

Ad Hoc Beheer and Interveste provide an affordable temporary workspace, apartment or house in empty 'anti-squatting' (anti-kraak) properties. So-called 'guardians' get accommodation at a fraction of the cost that they would normally pay, and property owners get peace of mind, knowing that there are guardians in their property to deter squatters.

    Published: 20 January 2015Modified: 14 October 2019