Language classes at Volksuniversiteit

The Volksuniversiteit Den Haag is an institute for adult education which offers all adults opportunities for further development and training in languages, arts, culture, science and creativity. The course program does not aim for formal qualifications or official certificates, but offers possibilities to spend free time in a useful way.

The Volksuniversiteit is open to everyone, regardless of previous training, age, religious or political background. 

For all courses a basic knowledge of Dutch is required, with the exception of the beginners’ courses in Dutch as a foreign language and English classes for non-Dutch speakers. The Volksuniversiteit Den Haag has also introduced other courses for non-Dutch speakers including French, German, Italian and Spanish as well as a number of special topics on culture and communication.

In the English section, you will find a summary of the general information and conditions, outlines of the Dutch courses and an enrolment form.

Visit the website of Volksuniversiteit Den Haag for more information.

Published: 11 April 2017Modified: 23 May 2017