Dutch secondary schools with a bilingual stream

Here you find information and a list of secondary schools offering bilingual education in Dutch and English located in The Hague region.

What is 'Tweetalig Onderwijs' (TTO)?

In Dutch TTO stands for 'Tweetalig Onderwijs' and can be translated as bilingual education. This means that a number of subjects are taught in English. Not only English classes, but also history, geography, math, physics, biology, chemistry, economics, IT, arts, music, physical education and the mentor class are all taught in English.

The aim is that through this manner of teaching, English will become a natural second language. This form of education spans the complete six years at the VWO (pre-university) level. In the upper school (last three years) students are preparing to sit their final examinations in Dutch, but wherever possible at this level some lessons continue to be taught in English. Bilingual students also have the opportunity to sit the internationally recognised International Baccalaureate English A2 Certificate. A successful result qualifies students to enroll at English speaking universities.

As well as having approximately half their classes given in English, students are also offered a large choice of international activities, such as exchange programs with schools abroad.

Secondary schools in The Hague region with TTO

Dalton Den Haag

Aronskelkweg 1
2555 GA Den Haag
Telephone: (070) 308 41 80
Fax: (070) 368 13 48
E-mail: lraubenheimer@daltondenhaag.nl
Website: www.daltondenhaag.nl
Curriculum: VWO diploma, Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English, International Baccalaureate English A2 Certificate, TTO Certificate

Hofstad Lyceum

Colijnplein 9
2555 HA Den Haag
Telephone: (070) 368 76 70
Fax: (070) 325 28 75
E-mail: lyceum@hofstadcollege.nl
Website: www.hofstadlyceum.nl
Curriculum: VWO diploma, Anglia exams, International Baccalaureate English A2 Certificate

Maris College Houtrust

Tjalie Robinsonduin 74
2566 HD Den Haag
Telephone: (070) 323 13 34
Fax: (070) 323 84 74
E-mail: info@mariscollege.nl
Website: www.mariscollege.nl
Curriculum: VMBO diploma starting in 2012

Wateringse Veld College

Missouri 1
2548 HT Den Haag
Telephone: (0174) 42 04 25
Fax: (0174) 42 04 38
E-mail: wateringseveld@sgzuidwest.nl
Website: www.wateringseveldcollege.nl
Curriculum: VWO diploma, International Baccalaureate English A2 Certificate

Sint-Maartenscollege Voorburg

Aert van der Leeuwkade 14
2274 KX Voorburg
Telephone: (070) 386 72 72
Fax: (070) 387 72 75
E-mail: bos@st-maartenscollege.nl
Website: www.st-maartenscollege.nl
Curriculum: VWO diploma, International Baccalaureate English A2 Certificate

Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar

Backershagenlaan 5
2243 AB Wassenaar
Telephone: (070) 511 04 00
Fax: (070) 514 00 42
E-mail: info@rijnlandslyceum-rlw.nl
Website: www.rijnlandslyceum.nl
Curriculum: VWO diploma, International Baccalaureate English A2 Certificate

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Published: 31 August 2009Modified: 18 February 2020