Parking for companies

In order to regulate parking, paid parking has been introduced in many areas of The Hague. Visitors to these areas pay for parking at the parking metre. Businesses and residents usually have the right to a parking permit in these areas.

Why does the city have a parking policy?

The municipality is aiming to reduce the use of cars. The idea is to prevent The Hague’s streets from being overrun by huge volumes of traffic. But there are always people who need a car. For commercial reasons, for example, when products need to be moved from A to B.

The use of cars is usually accompanied by parking difficulties. For example, delivery vehicles blocking the street with their lights flashing due to a shortage of space, employees parking in front of their workplace and thereby taking up parking spots for customers and residents, or resident parking in front of their home. As a result customers have to look for parking space elsewhere in the neighbourhood. In short: parking can be a problem, a problem which can cause you to lose customers.

New companies

Companies locating to The Hague need to provide parking on their own premises. The municipality can make demands in terms of the driveway or the measurements of the parking spaces, for example. Include the parking in your plans for a new building or for renovations to your commercial space. It is sometimes difficult to create enough parking spots for a new or remodelled building. The municipality will look for another solution if it is not possible to create these parking spots.

New companies in The Hague are advised to contact Economy, Mobility and Space at the Department of Urban Development. Send an email to They can also help you find the right location for your business.

Published: 24 September 2018Modified: 20 July 2021