Impact Economy Programme

‘Start-ups that work on innovations for a better world.’

The Hague is building a lively start-up economy. The city strives to offer an attractive environment for the innovative and dynamic entrepreneurs of the future. This is vital for The Hague’s competitive position, but also for local employment.


The Hague is the ideal location for start-ups and companies with a focus on societal and technological innovations with an international impact. Here, in the international city of Peace and Justice, creative individuals are working on innovative solutions that address the global challenges we all face. The Hague is a unique hub where start-ups, government agencies, international companies, knowledge centres and thousands of small creative entrepreneurs come together.

Whether you work at one of the UN organisations, the 135 NGOs active in the city, the Academy of Art of your own start-up in the field of social issues, security, justice, water, nutrition or sustainability.

Economic success and societal success go hand-in-hand in The Hague. That is what we call the ‘impact economy’.


In order to take full advantage of the potential for growth, the city is investing in people, places, experiments and ideas. In so doing, the programme creates the conditions necessary for a business climate that offers plenty of room for start-ups and innovative entrepreneurship.

There are numerous examples of innovative start-up solutions in The Hague:

  • drones for use in emergency situations
  • big data applied to practical visualisations in order to make humanitarian aid more effective
  • ‘powerplanes’ that generate and transform green alternative energy


Many inspiring stories will be told in the near future, because the impact economy already exists. Visit for examples, opinions, inspiration and a short film about start-ups in The Hague.

Would you like to participate in the programme?

If so, please contact or click on the ‘programmes’ link below.


The city wants to encourage start-ups and creative talent to develop the Impact Economy further with their good ideas and plans. To that end, the city regularly organises programmes, contests or tenders.

A list of the current programmes is provided below:

Published: 22 September 2015Modified: 12 May 2017