Coronavirus: information for businesses

All coronavirus measures have been lifted. Some advice to limit the spread of coronavirus is still in place.

Read more about the advice to limit the spread of the coronavirus on the website of the Dutch government.

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    Financial support for businesses

    Business owners, workers and companies were faced with coronavirus measures as of 2020. To help them there were different financial support measures during the coronavirus crisis.

    Most of the support packages from the Dutch government have stopped. Look at the latest information about the financial measures on the website of the Dutch government (in Dutch).

    Applying for the municipality's schemes

    The Temporary income support for independent businesses (Tijdelijke overbruggingsregeling voor zelfstandig ondernemers (Tozo)) stopped on 1 October 2021. Business owners who do not have enough earnings to pay their essential costs might be able to apply for Financial support for self-employed professionals Bijstand voor Zelfstandigen (Bbz).

      Local measures for catering establishments

      Possibility to expand terraces extended from 1 November 2021 to 1 March 2023

      The municipality is giving catering establishments the chance to expand their terrace by a maximum of 25% until 1 March 2023. The information on expanding terraces and the general conditions can be found below.

      Expanding terraces at hotels, restaurants and cafes

      • Yes, on the basis of your current terrace permit you are allowed to apply to temporarily expand your terrace by a maximum of 25% extra space. You can use the application form below. Look for the conditions on Terras op de openbare weg plaatsen.

        Application form to temporarily expand terrace (PDF, 174,9 kB)
      • Yes, you can report a pavement terrace via the website of the municipality. The normal policy regulations for permit-exempt terraces apply. There are no costs for reporting a pavement terrace. You can apply via Terras op de openbare weg plaatsen.
      • If the 25% expansion of the terrace ends up taking space in front of someone else’s façade, the application should include a statement. The directly interested parties declare that their interests are not harmed by this terrace being in front of their façade.
        • Possibilities for a parking space terrace in a main shopping structure: It is possible to place parking area terraces in shopping streets in a main shopping structure. The regular application procedure applies to this. For more information, see Terras op de openbare weg plaatsen (in Dutch). This permit is only for this summer and does not depend on the availability of parking or an investigation into consensus. If the terrace is located (partially) in front of the neighbour's façade, written consent is required from the directly interested parties.
        • Possibilities for parking space terraces at the edge or outside a main shopping structure: Catering establishments in residential neighbourhoods or at the edge of a main shopping structure can apply for 1 parking area terrace in streets with a speed limit of 30 km per hour. If the parking space terrace is located partially or entirely in front of someone else’s façade, consent must be gotten from the directly interested parties.

        You can apply for a parking space terrace at the edge or outside the main shopping structure using the form below. Look for the conditions on the page Terras op de openbare weg plaatsen (in Dutch).

        Application form for temporary terrace on parking space(s) (PDF, 174,9 kB)

        In the shopping streets where there are now parking space terraces it is not permitted to expand the terrace by 25% to an adjacent parking spot. This will lead to parking spaces being cut in half, a cluttered looking street and it will then not be clear whether cars can park there or not.

      • You can apply for an expansion of your terrace using the form below. Look for the conditions on the page Terras op de openbare weg plaatsen.

        Application form to temporarily expand terrace (PDF, 174,9 kB)
      • There are no fees for a temporary terrace permit.
        • The temporary regulation for terrace expansion until 1 March 2023 (start of terrace season).
        • Catering establishments can apply for a maximum of 25% more terrace space than allowed with the valid permit and/or 25% more of the permit-exempt terrace in front of their own façade. They can submit an application for this.
        • A catering establishment (not in the main shopping structure) can apply for a terrace in the parking area. This can be a maximum of 1 parking area. If the terrace ends up in front of the neighbours’ façade, written consent from the neighbours is required.
        • Essential traffic may not be impeded: pedestrians and cyclists have priority. There should always remain safe and sufficient accessibility for emergency service vehicles, public transport and loading/unloading. This accessibility is non-negotiable.
        • Use of space in front of the façade of third parties is subject to their consent. This consent must be included in the application.
        • No terraces may be opened in green spaces or public gardens.
        • The municipality only enforces these rules in the event of excesses (not enough room in the street, risk to traffic safety) and conflicting interests.

      Expansion of terraces on the boulevard

      The same options apply for businesses on the boulevard as for other catering establishments in the city.

      Expansion of beach restaurant terraces

      • The new beach policy enables you to place permit-exempt small objects (e.g. lounge beds, playground equipment) on the beach. This area borders on the sea side of your restaurant and on the side of a number of adjacent restaurants. The stretch of beach must be 10 metres deep and as wide as the operational section. This section may be used from 1 March to 1 November to expand the terrace.
      • No, that is not necessary. At the moment this space on the beach is already available to the beach restaurants. Normally speaking this part of the operational space is not allowed for regular catering use (such as a terrace). The Municipal Executive has decided not to enforce this condition for this beach season.

      Questions or complaints about terrace expansions

      • For specific questions about the application for expanding your terrace, you can email

        For general questions about doing business in The Hague and for advice on municipal rules, permits and procedures you can send an email to the Local Business Counter of the municipality:

        Your email will be answered within 5 working days.

      • Residents and businesses can file a complaint with the municipality by calling tel. 14070.


      The municipality’s Local Business Counter (Ondernemersportaal) can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs. Tel. (070) 353 60 04 and at

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      Published: 19 July 2022Modified: 16 August 2022