Buying a house or apartment with ground lease

Would you like to buy a house (single family) or apartment with ground lease? The mortgage lender could require a reissue on request.

You submit this request for a reissue of the ground lease right. This means that the land will be reappraised and the municipality will make you an offer.

Required with your request

Make sure that you have a digital copy of the signed purchase contract. You do not need to scan the whole purchase contract. You can make a scan or individual photos of:

  • the ground lease address
  • name and address of the buyer
  • the transfer date
  • signatures of the buyer and seller

Together the digital files - preferably in jpg or as a PDF - may not be larger than 7.5 MB.

Submit application

If the files are larger than 7.5 MB, send the information to:
Gemeente Den Haag
DSO Erfpacht
Antwoordnummer 61248
2506 WB Den Haag

The ground lease department (Erfpachtbedrijf) will process your application once the purchase agreement and a sum of € 750 have been received.


The municipality will only make you an offer if there are no planning or zoning objections. There may be reasons from an urban planning perspective why the ground lease contract may not be extended, for example if spatial developments are expected in a certain area.


The reissue on request application costs € 750. You can transfer this amount to the ground lease department:

  • IBAN: NL04 BNGH 0285 1389 60 in the name of Gemeente Den Haag DSO
  • State 'Heruitgifte op verzoek' in the message section and the address of the single-family house or apartment which you want to sell.

How long does it take?

It takes approximately 8 weeks before you get an offer from the ground lease department.

More information

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