Swimming lessons: buy or extend your subscription

You can buy the first monthly subscription for swimming lessons at the cash desk of the swimming pool. Thereafter you can extend the subscription each month online in the Sport webshop.

    Buy a subscription

    Are you or is your child starting swimming lessons?

    • At the first swimming lesson you first pay for the individual lessons for the rest of the month. In addition you buy a monthly subscription. This will take effect the 1st day of the following month. Make sure you arrive at the swimming pool 15 minutes early so that you have enough time to make the payment.

    • The deposit you paid when you registered will be deducted from the first monthly subscription.

    • The monthly subscription will be credited to a swimming pass. Make sure to take this swimming pass to every lesson.

      Extend your subscription

      You can extend the subscription each month in the Sport webshop. This can be done as of 3 weeks in advance. Once you have extended your subscription, it will automatically be credited to the swimming pass.

      You do not pay for the months of July and August. You do not need to extend your pass for this period. This is done automatically. Your monthly subscription must be paid before the 1st day of the month.

      Extend subscription through Sport webshop

      Fees in 2020

      You pay for swimming lessons on a monthly basis.

      Swimming lessons Price for adults Price for youth under 16 years and 65+
      Per lesson € 6.40 € 5.60
      Monthly subscription € 25.60 € 22.40


      Does your child have a valid Ooievaarspas? Then the swimming lessons are free. The subscription will be credited to the Ooievaarspas in this case. You can extend the lessons every 4 months at the cash desk of the swimming pool. You will have to pay a deposit when you register your child. You will get the deposit back at the 1st swimming lesson.

      Are you 16 years or older? The Ooievaarspas gives you a 50% discount on the swimming lessons. You can extend your swimming lesson subscription each month at the cash desk of the swimming pool.

      Cancelling your subscription

      You can end a subscription right away. You will not get any money back for the remaining lessons on the swimming pass if you or your child earned a swimming certificate or decided not to continue the swimming lessons.

      Would you like to end your subscription for swimming lessons? Send an email to sportinfolijn@denhaag.nl.


        Do you have questions about how to extend your subscription for swimming lessons online? Contact the Sport-info-line.

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