26 Jan

Puinduinrun running event

The Puinduinrun on Sunday, 26 January takes runners on a challenging cross country course through the dunes of Kijkduin.

Climbing and descending steep staircases, beautiful nature, the impressive view of the sea, the smell of the sea air and finally the feeling of euphoria and pride as you approach the finish line.

The Puinduinrun has been a notion since 2004 for everyone who has ever taken part. This climbing and cross country run of 3.2 km, 6.3 km or 9.4 km through The Hague’s dunes is no easy competition, but it is a very special one. All of the runner’s qualities are put to the test: technique, strength, condition and character.

More info

The Puinduinrun starts at 11.00 hrs. on Sunday, 26 January at the end of the Wijndaelerweg, by the intersection with the Blijrustduin.

This year registration was full in record time. If you would still like a start number, keep an eye on the Facebook page of the Puinduinrun.

More information can be found at www.puinduinrun.nl