The Hague - Overbosch swimming pool

Overbosch swimming pool

The Overbosch sport and recreation centre is located in the Haagse Hout city district. The swimming pool can be found in this centre. Activities include aqua spinning and fifty fit. The swimming pool has different pools, including a recreational pool featuring a wild water creek and a competition pool.

Everybody 14 years and older must have a personal swimming pass in order to enter The Hague's municipal swimming pools. Do you not yet have a swimming pass? You can have a pass made on the spot at any swimming pool by showing a valid ID. Read more about the free swimming pass.
Overbosch swimming pool

Address & contact details

Zwembad Overbosch
Vlaskamp 3
2592 AA The Hague
Telephone: (070) 347 46 92


    The municipality would like to ensure that everybody has a pleasant experience and feels safe at the pool. This is why there are a number of swimming pool house rules. Are you planning to visit the pool? Make sure you know the house rules and abide by them.


    You are welcome to visit the canteen in our swimming pool. The canteen has coffee, tea and all sort of soft drinks and snack foods. Come and relax after doing sports. There is also WiFi.


    For orders, appointments or questions, you can contact the canteen at the Overbosch swimming pool. The telephone number is 06 25 06 65 65.

    Public transport

    You can reach the swimming pool by taking Tram 6 (Carel Reinierszkade stop) or Bus 24 (De Eerensplein stop).

    Disabled access

    Overbosch swimming pool offers disabled access. There is a separate room with a shower, toilet and changing room. There is also a special wheelchair/shower chair which you can use to get to the swimming pool. You can then be lifted into the water using the disabled hoist.

    Extra heated pool

    The children's and recreational pool have extra heating every day. The other pools have additional heating on Thursday.

    Changing room

    A free changing room is available, but you can also store your clothing and personal items in a locker. The price for locker hire is € 0.50.

    Ooievaarspas reduction card

    The Ooievaarspas reduction card entitles you to a discount of approximately 50%.

    Contact and more information

    The Sport-info-line provides information about sports in The Hague. For example, if you'd like to learn more about sporting activities or clubs in your neighbourhood.

    Feedback welcome

    Overbosch swimming pool values your opinion. Do you have any tips or remarks or are you missing information on the website? Send an e-mail to with the heading ‘Overbosch swimming pool/my remarks'.

    Vertrouwenspunt Sport

    If you experience sexual intimidation, bullying, discrimination, insults, threats or abuse at the swimming pool, please contact the Vertrouwenspunt Sport of the NOC*NSF.


    • water aerobics (in Dutch: aquarobic)
    • aqua spinning (in Dutch: aquaspinning)
    • boot camp dry & wet
    • family swimming (in Dutch: gezinszwemmen)
    • fifty fit (in Dutch: fifty fit)
    • nude swimming (in Dutch: naturistisch zwemmen)
    • recreational swimming (in Dutch: vrij zwemmen)
    • swimming for pregnant women (in Dutch: zwangerschapszwemmen)
    • swimming lessons (in Dutch: zwemles)
    • teddy bear swimming lessons for small children (in Dutch: teddybeerzwemmen)

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