01 Jan

New Year’s Dive

The annual tradition of the New Year’s Dive (Nieuwjaarsduik) will be taken by some 10,000 people in the icy cold waters of the North Sea by the Scheveningen Pier on 1 January. It’s the ideal way to begin 2020 in a refreshing way.

Since 1969 all swimming fanatics, heroes, enthusiasts and the superstitious have greeted the New Year by plunging into an icy cold North Sea. To emphasise the Dutch tradition, organisers also ask participants to wear something orange. The more outlandish, the better.

At exactly midday (12.00 hrs.) on 1 January, the official starting shot will sound and all the daredevils gathered by the Pier will go for the swim. All participants will be treated to a piping hot bowl of snert (split pea soup) after their plunge into the icy waters.


All participants in the Unox New Year's Dive in Scheveningen receive a Unox cap, a souvenir pennant and the ‘Terugblik’ special edition of the Unox split pea soup in a tin. Joining the dive costs only € 3, with € 1 going to this year's charity.

As of 10.30 hrs. you can buy an admission ticket on the boulevard in front of the Kurhaus and at around 11.45 hrs. there is a group warming-up with music to keep you warm. Make sure you're on time because a maximum of 10,000 people are allowed to take part and you'll need time to change your clothes.

Visit the website of the Unox Nieuwjaarsduik: www.unox.nl/nieuwjaarsduik and www.facebook.com/unox.