Jan Pietersz. Coenstraat: construction of fast-charging station

Published: 13 February 2018Modified: 13 February 2018

Construction will start in the week of 12 February on the fast-charging station in the Jan Pietersz. Coenstraat. The station will be built on the even-numbered side by the intersection with the Prinses Beatrixlaan and will be built by Fastned. The work is expected to last until mid-March 2018.

In order to construct the station, 12 trees will be transplanted. Four trees will be taken temporarily to the city nursery and replaced on the terrain of the fast-charging station after it is completed. The other 8 trees will be replanted elsewhere in the city district.


The project could cause some degree of nuisance. In order to limit the amount of construction traffic, equipment will be loaded and unloaded outside of peak hours. Traffic wardens will be present.


The street will be adapted so that the area is safe and accessible.

  • Bicycle lanes will be created.
  • The entrance to the parking garage for the offices will be moved and the intersection Fran├žois Valentijnstraat-Daendelstraat-Jan Pietersz. Coenstraat will be redesigned.
  • The intersection will be raised.
  • The area will be designated a 30-km zone.

These changes will be made after the fast-charging station is completed. The planning is not yet known.


If you have questions about the project, send an email to or call tel. 14070 and ask to speak to Mr. Van Elzakker.