European Judicial Network

The European Judicial Network (EJN) is a network of national contact points for the facilitation of judicial cooperation in criminal matters. It has been in operation within the European Union since September 1998. This made it the first practical structured mechanism of judicial cooperation in the EU to become truly operational.

European Judicial Network (EJN)

The purpose of the EJN is to improve judicial cooperation between the Member States of the European Union, particularly in combating forms of serious crime through facilitating and speeding up judicial cooperation, providing legal and practical information to competent local authorities and providing support with requests for assistance.

Each country has appointed several contact points to the EJN from the central authorities responsible for international judicial cooperation, as well as the judicial and prosecuting authorities working in this field. These contact points are active intermediaries in the chain of judicial cooperation, but are not an additional layer of bureaucracy. The contact points meet three times a year to gather knowledge on the various legal systems of the EU Member States, to discuss difficulties in the provision of judicial assistance, and to make proposals for the resolution of conflicts.

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Published: 10 April 2017Modified: 15 May 2017