75 years of freedom in The Hague

In 2019 and 2020 it will be 75 years since the Netherlands was liberated. We have lived in freedom since then. To celebrate this, activities will be held throughout the country in 2019 and 2020. The Hague too will have a programme which you can join.

Mensen die op straat rennen en vrijheid vieren.

About 180 different nationalities live in The Hague. The municipality considers it important to celebrate freedom together. Without differences in culture, gender or beliefs.

The Hague’s programme in 2020

Most of the programme in The Hague will run from March 2020 to October 2020. There will be various remembrance ceremonies, celebrations, lessons and exhibitions. All these activities are listed on www.75jaarvrijheiddenhaag.nl.

Report an activity

Are you organising an activity and do you want it to be listed on www.75jaarvrijheiddenhaag.nl? Or do you have an idea and would like the help of the project team? Then send an email to 75jaarvrijheid@denhaag.nl.

Your idea of activity meets the following conditions to be listen on the website of 75 jaar Vrijheid Den Haag.

accessible to the public

a 1-time activity

has a relationship with one or more of the following:

  • Remembrance
  • Celebrating freedom
  • 75 years of the United Nations

    Apply for a subsidy

    The municipality has various subsidies which you can apply for your activity. Your activity must meet the conditions of the subsidy. The subsidies are as follows:

    Cultural Project Subsidy

    Is your activity related to art and culture? Then you may apply for a Cultural Project Subsidy. An independent advisory committee will assess your application. Do you want to know more about this subsidy? Then see the Apply for a Cultural Project Subsidy page.

    Small Public Event Subsidy

    Do you want to organise a small event for 75 years of freedom in The Hague? And will the event have a positive impact on the economy and the image of the city? Then you could qualify for a subsidy. There are 3 rounds and 3 submission periods every year. Read more about this subsidy on the Apply for a Small Public Event Subsidy page.

    CultuurSchakel Subsidy

    CultuurSchakel supports volunteers, voluntary organisations, associations and non-profits working in the area of art and culture with different subsidies. It does this on behalf of the municipality. Are you organising projects or activities for 75 years of freedom? Then the presentation subsidy and the 'Geld voor je kunst!' (money for your art!) subsidy may be for you. For more information about these subsidies, see the CultuurSchakel website.

    Other subsidies

    Apart from the municipality, there are other organisations that offer subsidies for 75 years of freedom. See the websites for the conditions:

        Extra subsidy available for long-term commemoration of the Second World War

        The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has made an extra € 15 million available to commemorate the Second World War. Projects which help to keep history alive over a longer period of time will be eligible. The Mondriaan Fonds will distribute the budget.

        Partnerbanner 75 jaar vrijheid
        Partnerbanner 75 jaar vrijheid

        More information

        Do you have a question or are you in search for more information? Then send an email to 75jaarvrijheid@denhaag.nl.

        View the official documents (in Dutch) on Vieren 75 jaar vrijheid in Den Haag in 2020 (RIS302552).

        Published: 23 September 2020Modified: 22 September 2020