Driving licence, Statement of Health

The Statement of Health is a list of questions about your physical and mental health. You will need to fill in the Statement of Health (formerly the Medical Statement) if you are taking a driving test and in certain situations if you would like to extend or exchange your driving licence.

Medical declaration

You can only purchase this medical declaration from the Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing (CBR, www.cbr.nl) and at many driving schools. You will have to ask the driving school if you can purchase the medical declaration (Gezondheidsverklaring) there.

After you purchase your Statement of Health, you then need to send it to the CBR. The CBR assesses whether you are medically fit or you need an additional examination. If you are medically fit, a Certificate of Fitness is registered in the driving licence register by CBR. This is confirmed by a letter from CBR.

This has to be done before you make an appointment at the city district office. Once you receive the letter about the Certificate of Fitness from the CBR, you can then schedule an appointment with the city district office to submit your documents for exchanging your driving licence.

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Flowchart: converting a foreign driving licence and how to fill in the Statement of Health (PDF, 1,7 MB)

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