What to take to your BRP appointment

What is required to register in the BRP (formerly the GBA) of The Hague?

Minimum requirements

Registration in the Personal Records Database of the Municipality of The Hague (Basisregistratie Personen or BRP, formerly GBA) can be done in two steps. The minimum requirements of what you need to bring to your appointment include:

  • Proof of identity (a valid passport or an identity card) for all family members over the age of 16. Please note: A driving licence will not be accepted as valid identification
  • Proof of Occupancy.

All family members must come to the appointment in person.

Due to busy office hours, please ensure that you arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive too late, your appointment could be cancelled.

The complete picture

The abovementioned information is sufficient for an initial registration in the BRP; however, one of the main purposes of the BRP is to get as complete a picture as possible of your life events such as birth, marriage, divorce and death.

Another important purpose of the BRP is to establish family ties. For example, children can be connected to their parents only through their birth certificate because the names of the parents are not printed in their passports. The relationship between partners can only be established by an official marriage certificate. This also has legal consequences.

The documents listed below are not required for registration. They may be submitted after an initial registration in the BRP.

  • a recent original birth certificate
  • a recent original marriage and/or divorce certificate (if applicable)

A recent original birth certificate and, if applicable, marriage or divorce certificate can be requested at the municipality where the event took place. The documents will be evaluated at the municipal counter.


Sometimes an original document might need to be legalised/given an apostille in the country of origin. Please use the website of netherlandsandyou.nl for more information specific to your country.

Translation foreign documents

The Hague Registry Office is equipped to understand and read official foreign documents in Dutch, English, French and German. Other languages need to be translated into Dutch by a sworn translator in the Netherlands. More information is available under translating foreign documents.

These documents may also be submitted after registration at one of the city district offices.

Published: 29 May 2012Modified: 9 August 2018