Converting a foreign certificate into a Dutch certificate

You can register a foreign birth, marriage, partnership or death certificate in The Hague’s Registry Office. This is not mandatory but it could be useful if you need a copy, (international) extract or marriage booklet sometime in the future. These documents can only be registered digitally. This is 1 of the national tasks the Municipality of The Hague carries out on behalf of the Dutch government.

If you want to register a foreign certificate, there are a number of conditions and you need to submit certain documents. The (foreign) documents required for registration may be older than 6 months.


  • You can only register a foreign certificate if you are (or were) a Dutch citizen or you have a permanent asylum residence permit (residence permit III or IV).
  • The foreign certificate must be drawn up according to legal regulations by the local authorities. This authority may not be a Dutch embassy or consulate.
  • Certain foreign documents, including certificates, have to be legalised. You can consult the Dutch government website to see which legalisation rules apply to your documents.
  • Documents from abroad need to be in Dutch, English, French or German. Otherwise they must translated into 1 of these languages by a sworn translator.

  • Your registered certificate will not be visible on ''.
  • If the person to whom the certificate applies is registered in a Dutch municipality, the municipality will update the details in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). These details will then be visible on 'mijn overheid'.
  • You will not get a citizen service number (BSN) and/or Dutch nationality by registering a certificate.

Required documents

In addition to these conditions, a number of documents are needed to register a foreign certificate:

  • a copy of the foreign certificate, if necessary legalised and accompanied by a certified translation.
  • proof of (former) Dutch citizenship for the person(s) to whom the certificate applies. This can be (a copy of) the front and back of the Dutch identity card (front and back), a Dutch passport, a statement of (former) Dutch citizenship or a permanent asylum residence permit (residence permit III or IV, front and back).
  • a copy of the passport or form of identification (front and back) for the applicant.

Additional documents

Depending on the type of foreign certificate, additional documents are required:

For a birth certificate

  • if the parents were married or registered partners at the time of the birth: a copy of the marriage certificate or certificate of unmarried partnership. If the parents entered into a marriage or partnership in the Netherlands or the marriage certificate / certificate of unmarried partnership is registered in The Hague’s Registry Office, you do not need to submit this certificate.
  • if the parents are not married or registered partners at the time of the birth: an Acknowledgment of Parenthood certificate.
  • in the case of an adoption (also abroad), name change or acknowledgment: all relevant documents about the adoption, name change or acknowledgment. Check whether the additional documents have to be legalised and/or need a certified translation.

For a marriage certificate or certificate of unmarried partnership

  • a copy of the birth certificate for the married or registered partners. This is not required for the partner who was born in the Netherlands or whose birth certificate is registered in The Hague’s Registry Office.
  • a copy of the passport or identity card (front and back) for both partners
Does 1 of the partners does not have Dutch citizenship, is not a community citizen, does not have a residence permit or permanent asylum residence permit? Then you need to complete the declaration of non-Dutch citizenship. The declaration is not required if the partners entered into a marriage or unmarried partnership 10 years ago or longer or if the marriage or unmarried partnership has been terminated.
Declaration of non-Dutch citizenship (PDF, 158,5 kB)

For a death certificate

  • a copy of the birth certificate for the deceased.
  • copies of the marriage certificate(s) or certificate(s) of registered partnership for previous marriages. If the deceased was born, married or entered into a registered partnership in the Netherlands or 1 of these certificates is registered in The Hague’s Registry Office, you are not required to submit these certificates. This also holds true if this information is registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP).


Documents from certain countries must be legalised or have an apostille. You can find more information on the website of


Some foreign documents must be translated into Dutch by a certified translator. Check which rules apply under Translating foreign documents.

Submit a request (only online)

Do you meet the conditions and do you have the required documents? Submit an online request to register your foreign certificate. This can only be done digitally. You cannot stop by a municipal counter to convert foreign documents. If you have a citizen service number (BSN), make sure to have it close at hand.

Request to register foreign certificate

  • Would you like to register more than 1 certificate? Use the same form to indicate this.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • After you have sent the form, you will receive an email message with a registration number (LTK number). Use this number in all subsequent correspondence.
  • The municipality will not take any action unless your request is complete. You will be notified about this.
  • If your request is complete, the municipality will ask you for the original documents. All of the documents will be examined and checked for authenticity. If the documents have been deemed forged or falsified or you have received them through fraud, you will not get them back.
  • Once the certificate is registered, the municipality will send a notification with the original documents to you by registered post.


There are no fees for registering a foreign certificate. The municipality, however, does charge a fee for sending back the original documents by registered post.

How long does it take?

The municipality will process your digital request as quickly as possible. You will be notified about this by email.

The municipality will send you an initial response after approximately 14 weeks. It can take another 6 weeks to process your request and register your certificate(s) in the Registry Office.


Do you have any other questions? Send an email to