Legal advisors: help and advice for legal problems

Do you have legal issues or problems (for example, about taxes, extra allowances or benefits)? You can get legal assistance during a consultation with the municipality's legal advisors (sociaal raadslieden). Make an appointment for this.

A consultation with one of the municipality’s legal advisors is free and confidential.

Good to know

  • Inform you about legislation and regulations.
  • Help you write letters and objections. For example in response to assessments for (municipal and regional) taxes.
  • Give you information or advice on social-legal subjects related to housing, work, education and income.
  • Mediate with problems with official (government) entities.
  • Recommend organisations which are better suited to solve your issue.
Let op!

Did you receive a collection request (automatic payment)? Pay this only if all of your details are correct. The website ConsuWijzer explains what you should look at. You will also find a list of companies which you should avoid. Have you had dealings with 1 of these companies? Make an appointment at the legal advisors. They can check whether the claim is legitimate.

  • Filling out your tax return. Please contact the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst): The legal advisors can help you only with complicated tax returns. For example, if you have foreign-earned income or many different kinds of tax deductions or if you have sold your house.
  • Consumer affairs such as energy and telephone services. Please contact the legal help desk of the Government of the Netherlands.

Make an appointment

The legal advisors have consultation hours in the Gezondheidscentrum de Rubenshoek and at most of the city district offices (except for Haagse Hout, Leidschenveen-Ypenburg and Loosduinen).

Make an appointment through a Servicepunt or SZW customer service.

What you need to take to the appointment

What you need to take to the appointment depends on your question or problem. In any case, take:

  • current details about your income such as a current benefit statement or salary slip
  • any documents which are related to your question or problem
  • your DigiD. A DigiD is needed to arrange many of your affairs (government and other organisations) online. Do you not yet have a DigiD? Apply for one on

    Who is this for?

    Every resident of the Municipality of The Hague may request the help or advice of the legal advisors.



    How long does it take?

    A consultation lasts a half an hour. If necessary, a follow-up appointment will be made.

    Also see: Reimbursement of legal aid (in Dutch)