Denying paternity

If a man dies and the mother gives birth to a child within 306 days after his death, then the deceased man is legally the father of the child. Even if the mother has remarried in the meantime.
A mother can deny that her now deceased husband is the father of her child. The Registry Office will draw up the certificate. The denial takes effect retroactively from the birth.


  • You have lived separately from your spouse or you were legally separated as of 306 days before the birth.
  • You must register the denial of paternity within a year after the birth of the child.

    What you need to deny paternity

    Make an appointment

    To deny paternity you need to go to a Department of Public Service counter at a Department of Public Service counter at one of The Hague's district offices.

      Make an appointment

      Other situations

      Paternity can also be denied in other situations. For example, by the father or the child. Other conditions apply to these cases. If you would like to know more about this, then you will need to contact a lawyer.