Application for child benefits

People living or working in the Netherlands have a right to child benefits (kinderbijslag) for children under the age of 18.

The child benefit is money from the government towards the expenses of bringing up and caring for a child, such as clothing, sports activities and so forth. Dutch child benefits are paid by the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) at the end of each quarter. The rules for who can get child benefit and how much child benefit will be paid are set down in the National Child Benefits Act (AKW).


In order to be eligible for child benefits, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • You work or live legally in the Netherlands or you work outside the Netherlands for an employer established in the Netherlands.
  • The birth certificates of the children are registered in the municipality‚Äôs Personal Records Database (BRP).
  • You have (adopted) children, stepchildren or foster children who are younger than 18 years of age.

For more information visit the SVB website.

Request a claim form

If you have just moved to the Netherlands, or have adopted a child, or want to claim child benefits at a point in time other than the child's birth, you can request a claim form from the SVB. The SVB office serving your area will then take a decision on your entitlement.

The Claim Form for Expats can only be used by people who have completed their registration at The Hague International Centre.

Published: 11 March 2015Modified: 22 February 2018