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SLS Classic car rally

28 July 2014
10 July 2014

The 51st edition of the Scheveningen Luxembourg Scheveningen Classic car rally will take place from Thursday, 28 August to Sunday, 31 August. The start and the finish are on the Scheveningen Boulevard.

The race has three classes:

  • the competitive Sport Class with a somewhat higher level of difficulty (the results count for the Dutch Historic Rally Championship)
  • the Tour Class for recreational participants and especially for inexperienced teams
  • the Comfort Class for participants who would like to enjoy the rally atmosphere and a beautiful route without the high competitive speed and difficulties.

The organisation of the technical rally is in the hands of Peter Rovers and Bart den Hartog, who between them have won six Dutch Championships and four SLS Classics. They will set out the routes, which have their point of turnaround in Luxembourg.

The SLS rally starts on Thursday, 28 August at 11.00 hrs. on the Scheveningen boulevard. The participating teams will tour through Zeeland, West Brabant and Hasselt (Northern Belgium) to the turning point at Plateau de Kirchberg in Luxembourg via the German Eifel. The rally caravan will return to the Netherlands with a final night in Eindhoven before crossing the finish line in Scheveningen.

The first participants will finish around 14.30 hrs. on Sunday, 31 August in front of the Carlton Beach Club after a four-day long rally of approximately 1,500 kilometres.

All participating cars have been registered for the first time before 1 September 1976.


If you would like to sign up to participate in this event, fill in the form on the SLS Classic website. More information about the event can be found at

SLS Classic

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