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Parking at the beach

Noorderlijk Havenhoofd

22 October 2013
09 May 2014

You can park your car right at the beach at the Noorderlijk Havenhoofd car park or on the Strandweg in Scheveningen. The car park is located on the boulevard next to the harbour by The Hague Beach Stadium.

The popular seaside resort of Scheveningen has plenty of parking and its own electronic parking information system. Blue digital signs on the main roads to Scheveningen will guide visitors to 1 of the 4,500 parking spaces in the 3 multistorey parking garages and 2 open car parks. Please keep in mind that you will have to pay for parking everywhere in Scheveningen.

An overview of the parking facilities in Scheveningen can be found at

Beach parking

You can also park right on the beach

  • in 1 of the 256 parking spots on the Strandweg.
  • in 1 of the 300 parking spots at the Noordelijk Havenhoofd car park. This is located on the Strandweg can can be reached via the Vissershavenweg. Parking costs € 2.60 per hour. You can also purchase a day ticket for € 15.70. The car park is open 24 hours a day.

Download the detailed map of the Scheveningen boulevard below.

Public transport and cycling

You can also get to Scheveningen by public transport or by bicycle. It is a 15-minute tram or bus ride from The Hague's Central Station and Hollands Spoor train stations.

Norderlijk Havenhoofd car park

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