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Cocktail hour in The Hague

02 August 2012
18 April 2014

You would think that the cocktail hour was invented in The Hague. Cast a glance over one of the lively squares at the end of the afternoon or in one of the special wine bars and you will see the evidence.

Grote Markt

We love to get together for a drink and a snack in The Hague! Terrace heaters and lovely warm fleece blankets ensure that a red wine or a dark beer taste just as nice outside. What’s more, when the year’s first rays of sun first tentatively appear in the sky, it is lovely in a sheltered little garden.

The Grote Markt is where the young and hip hang out in the evenings. The atmosphere is welcoming and the people are mainly creative, alternative types. There are lots of activities taking place in the middle of the square from live music at the Pop Hot Spot to an old school roller disco.


The Plein

On the Plein, next to the political heart of the Netherlands, all the corporate suits and yuppies turn up for a drink after five o’clock. It isn’t unusual to see ministers and secretaries of state walking around. Even the prime minister likes to frequent this lively square.


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