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Shopping in The Hague

14 May 2012
09 May 2014

You hate to use the cliché, but it's true -- there really is something for everyone. From everyday objects with a twist, to designer labels, to flavours of the world: you can find it in The Hague and you'll enjoy the journey.

The Passage

The Hague's busy centre is also known for its many antique shops and art galleries. These are located primarily on or near the Denneweg and Noordeinde. Nearby - in the shadow of the royal palaces - are the crème de la crème of The Hague's shopkeepers. The Hoogstraat, Molenstraat and Plaats are the centre of haute couture, exclusive shoe shops and jewellery establishments. 

If it's beyond your budget, it's still fun to window shop. Maybe, as you're gazing into one of these beautiful shop windows, you'll be joined by Queen Máxima looking for an evening gown for herself or play clothes for her darling Amalia. Like the shops on the boulevard and the Palace Promenade in Scheveningen and the Deltaplein in Kijkduin, the shops in The Hague's city centre are also open on Sunday.

Shopping centres and districts

  • Benoordenhage is a shopping area in Benoordenhout where customers are sure to enjoy excellent service and prestigious products.
  • In de Bogaard is a recently redeveloped shopping centre in Rijswijk offering a fantastic diversity of shops, department stores and specialist shops.
  • Buurtschap 2005 has some of the best shops and restaurants in The Hague in a beautiful and historic setting.
  • Chinatown and the Haagse Markt both offer a unique multicultural experience.
  • The City Centre just keeps getting better. From basic needs to all-out fashionista brands, you'll enjoy finding it here.
  • Frederik Hendriklaan is one of the Netherlands most attractive shopping streets.
  • The Megastores and the Globe Outdoor & Travel Center are for all of your home decorating and adventure needs.
  • Leidsenhage is a covered shopping centre located between Leidschendam and Voorburg.
  • Outdoor markets in The Hague: There are attractive markets throughout The Hague held on different days of the week.
  • The Palace Promenade is a completely covered shopping mall in Scheveningen that assures total shopping comfort all year round.
  • The history of The Passage history goes back more than 115 years to make it the Netherlands' oldest shopping centre.
  • In Scheveningen the beach makes The Hague the only city in the Netherlands where you can stroll along the coast and enjoy the variety of shopping.
  • The Fahrenheit (the shopping streets of the Fahrenheitstraat and Thomsonlaan) offers up a highly multifaceted shopping area.

More websites

  • Susie: Funky and fun shops selected by a true shopaholic. For a list of shops in The Hague, type in 'Den Haag' under 'Stad' in the search engine.
  • Binnenstad Den Haag: Visitors can discover The Hague's chique and hip city centre.
  • Outdoor markets: Fresh produce and great bargains can be had at the outdoor markets found throughout the Netherlands.
  • A guide to the most outstanding culinary shops in The Hague in terms of quality and price. A site for food lovers!

Opening hours

To best plan your shopping day visit our information on opening hours for shops in The Hague.

Shopping in The Hague

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