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Cycling in The Hague

12 March 2010
25 April 2014

The Hague is one of the best cities to cycle in. Almost every main street has dedicated cycle paths, there are numerous bicycle lock-ups, plenty of bicycles for hire, and a good repair shop is never far away.

Bicycle and Binnenhof

The Hague is also a relatively small city. Residents can reach most of their destinations in 20 minutes and cycling from one end of the city to the other takes around 45 minutes. It is certainly an easy, healthy and environmentally-friendly option for getting about in The Hague with its more than 250 kilometres of bicycle paths.

Those who have lived here for some time will find that it is often faster to travel about by bicycle than by car. In fact, the bicycle messenger company, Fiets Koerier Den Haag, is regularly hired to transport medical samples, such as body parts, between the local hospitals.

For the newcomer, cycling in the city can be daunting; one is not sure where to go and what the correct cycling behaviour is. Once you have tried cycling in this city, you will realise it really is quite straightforward. Some information so that you may “get on your bike” and go.

Bicycle path in The Hague

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