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Strandclub WIJ

Beach Pavilion in Scheveningen

19 August 2009
18 April 2014

Over the years Strandclub WIJ has repeatedly been named 'The best spot in Scheveningen’ and ‘The best beach club in the Netherlands'.

WIJ offers everything at one location: a great day on the beach, a lunch or dinner in the restaurant or a private party or event. It's all possible at WIJ.

The beach club with its trendy and cosy interior is located directly next to the Noordelijk Havenhoofd (northern side of the harbour inlet), giving it an exclusive ambiance. A huge parking area was recently created next to Strandclub WIJ, providing ample parking.

Address & contact

Strandclub Wij
Strandweg 1
2586 JK The Hague
Telephone: (070) 358 56 07

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