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24 August 2009
28 April 2014

You can buy discount cards in the VVV store in The Hague which will give you discounts on youth hostel stays and tickets for art and cultural attractions in the Netherlands.

There are two kinds of discount cards:

Cultural Youth Pass (CJP)

Cultural Youth Pass

The Cultureel Jongeren Pas is for anyone younger than 26. With this pass you can get discount in museums, theatres and even cinemas. It also gives a discount on holiday trips, CDs and DVDs, magazine subscriptions and much, much more. For more information visit

Stay Okay Discount Card

Stay Okay Discount Card

For just € 15.00 you can get a discount in youth hostels all over the world! You can also get discounts on bus trips, car rentals, amusement parks, public transport and train rides. This card is available at VVV stores. For more information visit:

For more information on either membership you can call tel. 0900 – 340 35 05 (€ 0.45 p/m) or come and visit one of the VVV stores: VVV The Hague or VVV Scheveningen.

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